Niccolò Paganini 

(1782 - 1840)

Le Charme de Padua.

Divertimento concertant pour violin et piano.

Reprint dell'edizione pubblicata nel 1831 a Londra dall'editore Wessel
€ 13,50
N. Catalogo A1480M
ISMN M-2158-1480-6
N. Collana SR 002
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Le Charme de Padua, Divertimento pour Violon et  Piano concertant, compost par Nicolo Paganini. This  piece was published in London before the date of  Paganini's first concert, and possibly before the arrival of  that artist in England. It was issued by a firm of repute,  Wessel and Stodar, who were the first publishers in  England of the works of Chopin. The music was  reviewed in The Harntonicottf June 1831, the notice  concluding thus : " It perhaps is a bagatelle on which he  (Paganini) has bestowed little time and less thought. It  certainly is a flimsy affair, and might have been produced  by the dullest and most mechanical repieno in the band of  a suburb {sic) theatre." The piece consists of a Larghetto  and Presto, in C major, the slow introduction being in  six-eight rhjrthm, the Presto in six-four. There is one  principal theme in the first part, given out by the violin  and repeated by the pianoforte, a simple melody, with  embellishments. The Presto is in Rondo form, with  leading theme for pianoforte, continued by violin, and  relieved by an episode contrasted in character. The  music is not great, but unprejudiced musicians will  scarcely endorse the captious remarks of the reviewer.  The firm of Edwin Ashdown (successor to Wessel)  publish the composition, also a version by S. Godb6  for viola and pianoforte. In this the themes are written  an octave lower, and modifications occur in double-stops,  and so forth, to suit the viola. There is likewise an  arrangement for flute and pianoforte, by J. Sedlazek. It  is not stated by whom the pianoforte part was written,  but it is very well done, and is not a mere accompaniment.