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11 Original tunes for Guitar in Musica notation and Tab



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Bossa nova’s rhythm is special. It succedes in making even the simplest melodies interesting. It is a rhythm that often invites musicians to compose: those gifted with fantasy will easily develop beautiful songs based on standard harmonic sequences, since the rhythm by itself is a major part of the composition. Anyhow, if from one side it is easy to write “by trade”, it is instead complex to build melodies with an intrinsic value, worth of mention among the many. A. C. Jobim taught everybody that even very few notes, and in the specific case of “Samba de uma nota so” just one note, are enough to compose an unforgettable song. In these pieces, which I gathered in many years, I always tried to put my passion for a musical genre that I truly love; I do really hope you will have fun by playing them.



  1. Aquarius

  2. Capricornus

  3. Cygnus

  4. Pisces

  5. Lupus

  6. Lyra

  7. Pegasus

  8. Cassiopea

  9. Gemini

  10. Virgo

  11. Cancer

  12. Scorpius