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Bergo Marzolla Caterina

Harp Ensemble

Easy original Pieces for Harp Duet or Trio


PDM 462
Armelin Musica


1. Martina
2. The Wizard Azzerbabù
3. My Autumn
4. Lightmoon Captain’s Tale
5. The Sweet Life
6. Waltz on the Clouds

Caterina Bergo, Italian musician and musicologist, has many years of experience leading a multi-level harp ensemble and has arranged several pieces should be for two or three part ensemble. The book collects some of the most significant compositions by the author, from Piccole Storie d’arpa, Fiabe con l’arpa and Images, all music sheets published by Armelin Musica. The goal is to not merely share the solo harp part but to create two fully textured parts for a rich ensemble experience. There are different pieces and several parts in order to involve students of different levels, in particular basic and intermediate harpists. It is our hope that it will be enjoyed by students and teachers alike in the spirit of making music all together.